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Brief Description

Semi wet material crusher machinery is widely used in biological organic compost fermentation, city life garbage compost, grass mud carbon, rural straw waste and industrial organic waste, high wet material crushing of dreading livestock and poultry dung and other biological fermentation process of special equipment. The equipment allows biological fermentation organic fertilizer material moisture value of 25-55%, crushing partial size to meet the requirements of granulation.This machine solves the problem of high water-content organic crushing, after the fermentation, the organic material crushing effect is best. It also applies to mines, metallurgy and other industries of fine crushing.

 Feature & Benefits

1.Widely used, high reliability.This machine does not design screen bottom, more than 100 kinds of materials can be crushed, will not be blocked.
2.Easy maintenance.This machine adopts two-way clearance technology, if the hammer piece is worn, the position of the moving hammer piece can continue to be used.
3.Good effect of crushing materials.This machine USES the two-stage rotor upper and lower two stages to crush, the material is first fine particles, then powder into fine end, finally discharge the outlet directly.
4.Save labor, easy to operate.This machine uses the high technology, only needs one person to be possible to operate easily, not only is safe and reliable, moreover is convenient to maintain.

Detailed Chart



Semi-wet fertilizer crusher is used for crushing biological organic compost fermentation, the urban domestic waste compost fermentation, grass mud carbon, rural garbage, industrial organic waste of straw, breeding livestock and poultry manure and so on.


Technical Parameters


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