Double Cone Mixer

Brief Description

The double-cone mixer has a certain social and economic benefit for uniform mixing of materials, shortening mixing time, reducing energy consumption, ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for solid grinding and mixing.

Feature & Benefits
The machine has strong adaptability to the mixture; it does not cause overheating on the heat sensitive material; it does not pressurize and grind the granular material; the mixing of the composition of the material with different specific gravity and different particle size does not cause delamination; Mixing of various granules, fibers or flake materials such as fine granules and ultrafine powders also has good adaptability.

Detailed Chart




The type of machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, fuel, electronics and other industries. This machine mixes powders and granules with good fluidity, and the effect is remarkable. All technical indicators can reach the standards of similar foreign products.

 Technical Parameters