Good Wholesale Vendors 50 Micron Mesh Sieve - Vaccum Feeder – Mirant

Brief Description
Vacuum feeder (vacuum conveyor) is a vacuum feeding machine by using pneumatic pump as vacuum has advantages of fast feeding,long service period,operation,clean and healthy and in conformity with GMP requirement.
Feature & Benefits

1.Material can be customized by stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316 to meet GMP standard;

2.It’s completely sealed for dust-free working condition;

3.This vacuum conveyor can feed powder or small granule product into sealed or open containers;

4.The machine boy is compact,reliable and operation is very easy




It’s widely applied in packer, blender, tablet press machine,vibrating screen machine,capsule filling machine and Wet granular etc.Vacuum feeder(vacuum conveyor) is easy to operate.Feeding pipe begins to suck materials when press on the feeding switch,when the process of suction finished, vibration device vibrates or back flushing device blow backs prevent from occluding the filter.The two process are set and controlled by temporal sequence so that it can circulate for vibration and back flushing.


Technical Parameters


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