GZG Electromagnetic Vibration Feeder

Brief Description

The GZ electromagnetic vibrating feeder is used to supply materials uniformly or quantitatively from the storage bin or other storage equipment to the receiving equipment. It is an essential equipment for the automatic flow operations. There are two types of open type and closed type. Motor vibration feeders, feed hoppers and conveyors can be produced according to requirements.

Feature & Benefits

The electromagnetic vibration material feeder has a small volume, low noise, light weight, high working frequency, low power consumption, and it can be used in the process of automatic control to realize the automatic production process. The stepless adjustment of the feeding amount can be started frequently and continuously under the condition of rated voltage and amplitude. The installation and maintenance are convenient.




Application areas: metallurgy, coal, electronics, machinery, chemicals, building materials, light industry, food and other industries.

Applicable materials: The block, granular and powder materials are uniformly or quantitatively fed into the receiving equipment from the storage bin or other storage equipment.


Technical Parameters



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