Heavy-duty Vibrating Screen

Brief Description

The basic working principle of the ZSG type heavy-duty vibrating screen is that after the screen machine is started, two vibration motors or vibration exciters of the same type and specification are symmetrically arranged for synchronous reverse operation. The exciting force generated by the heavy-duty vibrating screen is transmitted to the whole vibrating body-screen box from vibration-transmitting body-motor or the exciter base, so that the screen box drives the screen surface to periodically vibrate. And then the material jumping directional movement on the screen surface is made together with the screen box. In the meantime, the material smaller than the pore size of the sieve surface falls to the lower layer through the sieve hole, and becomes the undersize material. The material larger than the pore diameter of the sieve surface is discharged from the discharge opening after continuous jumping movement, and the screening operation is completed.

Feature & Benefits      

1.Small volume and large screening capacity;

2.Light weight and easy to install and process layout;

3.Less energy consumption can save a lot of energy;

4.Low price and very few spare parts:

5.Simple structure and the beautiful appearance;

6.The screen is assembled from small pieces and the replacement is extremely simple.


Heavy-duty vibrating screen is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, electric power, chemical industry and other industries, especially for metallurgical industry.


Technical Parameters