Horizontal Screw Mixer

Brief Description

The horizontal screw mixer is a type of widely used single-axis mixer with high-efficiency. The main shaft of the semi-open tubular body is coiled in a spiral form and has a proportional double-layer spiral band. The spiraling spiral belt is attached to the spindle and it can push the material to travel in the spiral direction of the spiral belt. The bottom of the mixer horizontal cylinder is provided with a discharge port. The spiral structure of the outer spiral belt cooperates with the rotation direction of the main shaft to drive the material inside the cylinder wall to the center discharge port to ensure that the material in the cylinder body has no dead angle.

Feature & Benefits
The double-spiral stirring paddle makes the mixing and dispersing effect better; The low-speed mixing does not generate friction heat, which is very suitable for the initial mixing, secondary mixing, coloring the materials that need to limit the mixing temperature. The upper cover can be fully opened to facilitate cleaning of the inside of the mixer; the blown-type bearing seal ensures that the powder does not enter the bearing.

Detailed Chart



The type of mixer is widely used in putty paste, real stone paint, dry powder, putty, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractory materials, etc. Solid-solid (powder and powder), solid-pulp (powder and glue). It is especially suitable for the mixing of viscous materials.

Technical Parameters