Laboratory Screen

Brief Description

The MSY series lab sieve characteristic parameter date, which is to meet the requirements of international standards, can used for sieving granular materials.Its suitable for all common griddle and some super hardness materials testing, also widely used in Geography,Chemicals,Concrete,Medicine,Defenses and some scientific lab for the material filtration testing.

Feature & Benefits

1.Unique structure.
2.Low noise.
3.High efficiency.
4.High precision degree.
5.Simple Operation.

6.Up to 8 grades.

Detailed Chart






lab Sieve is made for the measurement of particles size distribution and the determination of impurity content or solid content in liquid,which are extensively used in scientific laboratories and quality inspection departments.In production process, we adopt well-qualified new type of energy generator generating multi-dimensions high frequency vibration to ensure high-efficient sieving and testing.According to different materials features.customers can set different working time by adjusting electric time controller so that the analysis errors could be reduced to minimum and therefore guarantee analysis results unanimous.


Technical Parameters