Linear Vibrating Screen

Brief Description

Linear vibrating screen uses excellent vibrant motor as power so that the materials can be thrown up on the sieve and forward to make a straight movement.The material evenly enter into the feed port of the sieve machine, producing a different size of upper and lower sieves through Multi-layer sieves and discharge.

It can be equipped with single or multi-screen to achieve the grading,removing impurity, removing dust,testing,washing selecting dehydration.

Feature & Benefits

1.It’s has the advantages of low consumption,high efficiency,simple

2.Full-close structure avoids dust overflow,reaching the request of sanitation.

3.Continuous working.

4.Rubber springs may be used on customers’ requests which would considerably reduce running noise,improving labor’s working environment.

5.All parts of sieve body are welded with high-quality steel plate,which Has good overall rigidity,strong reliability and durability.

The screen frame may be replaced as per different mesh numbers,saving running cost. 


It’s widely used in grinding materials,chemical,construction,chemicals,Pharmacy,metallurgy,ceramics,fertilizers,coal industry to screeing and grading the granular and powder bulk materials.


Technical Parameters