Low MOQ for Sieve Stainless Steel - Round Vibrating Screen – Mirant

一、 Introduction: 

The round vibrating screen is designed to meet the needs of large-volume, high-precision screening. Our company independently develops and produces a series of screening equipment, which is the most effective simulation of the effective principle of manual screening movement (screening accuracy, efficiency, The life of the screen is 5-10 times that of the conventional round sieve). The double screening structure produced by our company maximizes the screening capacity and meets all fine and ultrafine range of powder and particulate materials, especially suitable for materials that are difficult to handle.

二、 Features:

1. Up to 5 times the output per unit area: can be separated into six stages, the screening efficiency is as high as 90-95%;

2. The cleaning machine system such as silicone rubber ball and ultrasonic wave is used, the screen hole will not be blocked, and the dust is sealed;

3. Unique grid design, the screen is used for a long time, and it takes only 3-5 minutes to change the screen;

4. Acceleration is 4.5 times lower than vibrating screen, and the life of screening parts is improved and maintenance is reduced;

5. Noise <75 decibels. Optimize the balance of the balance and the dynamic load of the foundation is low.

1 inlet
2 Big hat
3 Sieve frame
4 Outlet
5 Ball board
6 Elastic ball
7 Counterweight
8 motor
9 Base oak
10 Rubber leg
11 Base
12 Pull rod
13 Grid
14 Handle
15 Observation port

三、 Technical parameter:


Equipment model size comparison table

model YBS600 YBS1000 YBS1000 YBS1200 YBS1600


Diameter φ (mm) 650 1040 1250 1580 1880 2650
Screening area (㎡) 0.29 0.76 1.1 1.8 2.6 5.3
Space requirement (m) 0.4 1.8 2.5 3.9 5.6 9.6
Most sieve layer 5 floors 5 floors 5 floors 5 floors 5 floors 5 floors
Power(kw) 0.25 1.5 2.2 3 5.5 5.5
Base (mm) 630 900 1100 1400 1800 1940

四、 Applicable industry:

It is applied in chemicals, food and spices, sugar, plastics and synthetic resins, mining, medicine, wood, metallurgy, feed, fertilizer, etc.

五、 Working principle:

Round vibrating screen working principle:

A low-frequency vibrating screen that is artificially shaken, the principle is that the instantaneous motion is a combination of a radial displacement and a circular motion with the displacement as a shaft (spiral motion), thereby adjusting the eccentricity of the exciter With the non-linear three-dimensional motion, the material also produces the same approximate manual movement, so as to achieve the purpose of screening, and then with the screening accessories to obtain a more ideal screening effect. It is suitable for round shapes, cylindrical shapes, flakes, and even regular shapes that are easy to block the net and require fine screening.

artificial: the principle of artificial artificial swing

Accurate grading: Accurate grading of easy-to-block materials

Multiple cleaning: Ultrasonic / brush / bouncy ball cleaning it