OEM Customized Chemical Mixing Machine - Laboratory Screen – Mirant

Product description

Standard test sieve is a kind of laboratory screening machine, also called test sieve, sample sieve, sieve analysis, it is mainly used for laboratory of the university, research institute or some internal laboratory, suitable for granular material particle size analysis test, such as abrasive, geological exploration, metallurgy, medicine, chemical building materials and other industries.

The standard inspection sieve frame is installed on the standard test sieve, which is round, with a diameter of 200mm and 300mm, which is generally used in 200mm, but some users also have a special requirement of 75mm.The mesh size is from 8 to 500. The larger the number of the mesh, the smaller the hole, and the size of the punch plate and the metal mesh.


Product Features

1) Small size, light weight, steady and no vibration, no noise, good sealing performance, no dust, high efficiency.

2) Can single machine or multi-machine to use, long time continuous operation, safe and reliable.

3) There is a refragmentation function for the lumped material.

4) The screen is washed by the cyclone and can be automatically cleared.

5) Can be matched with pneumatic conveying system, direct string into the wind road, saving resources.

6)New type of spherical bearing, extending service life.


Range Of Application


Generally used in laboratory screening classification and analysis.