Probability Screen

Brief Description
Probability screen is a kind of sieve machinery which can make use of the principle of probabilistic screening. The sieve theory points out that, the stranded time of each object in its interior is opposite to its weight in the work. Through the actual experiment, particle size is much smaller than the hole diameter, it can quickly pass the screen surface, the more close to the hole diameter, the longer the stranded time, if the diameter of the two sides are close, the stranded time of the material is the longest, popular speaking, large particles stay time is long , small particles stay time is short.

When the sieve machine starts, the symmetrical arrangement of two identical models and specifications of the vibration motor or exciter for synchronous reverse operation, the excitation force through the transmission body – motor or exciter base pass to the entire vibration body – sieve box, the sieve box drives the sieve surface to do periodic vibration, so that material in the sieve surface with the screen for directional leaping movement, meanwhile, the material less than the sieve aperture through the sieve hole fall to the bottom, as undersize material, the material larger than the sieve aperture is discharged from the outlet after the continuous jumping movement, and finally the screening operation is completed.


Building materials, mineral processing, metallurgy, chemicals, food and other industries.


Dry powder mortar, mechanism sand, natural sand, quartz sand, perlite, dolomite, calcite, potash feldspar and other stone powder and mineral powder Granulated sugar, raw salt, edible salt.


Technical Parameters


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