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Brief Description

The ultrasonic vibrating screen is a derivative product of the vibrating screen. The ultrasonic controller and the vibrating screen are organically combined. On the basis of the vibrating screen produced by many years of research, a high frequency and low amplitude ultrasonic vibration is superimposed on the screen surface. Ultra-fine powder receives huge ultrasonic acceleration, so that the material on the screen surface is always suspended, thereby inhibiting the blocking, friction, flattening, wedging and other blocking factors, thus solving the strong adsorption,easy aggregation, high static electricity, high precision, high density, light specific gravity and other screening problems  and making ultrafine powder screening no longer difficult, especially suitable for users of high quality and fine powder.
Feature & Benefits
1. Ultrasonic equipment can be divided into built-in and external type, and can be made up or down according to the situation.

2. The maximum output power of the device design is 200W. The ultrasonic vibration source of the screen surface is 33-39KHZ plus the amplitude of only micron, which can produce economical and effective screening effect according to the different materials.

3. thorough screen self-cleaning function, the screening pass rate increased by 50% -800%, greatly increasing the production.

4. It can effectively prevent and delay the occurrence of clogging of the screen surface, and truly solve the screening problem of strong adsorption force, easy aggregation, high static electricity, high precision, high density and light specific gravity.

5. it can be used for a very fine sieve machine with a pore size of only 20 microns or slightly, and completely solve the problem of low productivity of ordinary sieve machine.

6. Improve the flat drop and slip effect of low-density powder in gravity settlement; improve the retention or incorporation of high-density metal or powder in the mesh; improve the adhesion effect of electrostatic powder.

7. The screening accuracy can be increased by 30%-100%, and the output is increased by 2-10 time.



Functional Principle

The function principle of ultrasonic vibrating screen is adding an ultrasonic energy transform device on the screen surface of 3-D vibro separator and filter.This device can make the screen surface superpose ultra-high frequency vibrational that it can keep clear of the mesh and achieve the ideal screen situation.Ultrasonic vibrating screen is usually used in screening superfine powder which ordinary vibrating screen can not solve.



Mainly used in chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, standard food and high-grade food, plastics, powder, metallurgy, abrasives, minerals and other fields of easy blocking network, difficult to screen materials.


Technical Parameters


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