Square Swing Vibrating Screen

Brief Description

Square vibrating screen is a unique design of high efficiency sieving machine with high precision and large output, which is widely used in Chemical industry,Metallurgy,No-ferrous metal industry,Food,Abrasives and other industries.

It’s adopt to simulate the motion of human hands sieving,combining the“sieve motion(planar circular motion) and“dustpan”motion(upward throwing of materials),which can quickly spread the material across the full width of screen at the feed end ,driving the particles move forward contact with the screen surface.so as to achieve a high capacity and high screening efficiency.

Feature & Benefits

1.Self-Cleaning net is so good.

2.Fully enclosed structure,good seal,no flying dust,no liquid leakage.

3.Low consumption,low noise,long service life,easy changing of net.

4.Simple structure,big capacity,high screening efficiency.

Detailed Chart


Materials Movement Track
Under the same or similar configuration ,the processing capacity and sieving efficiency of square vibrating screen is better than the ordinary inertia vibrating screen,that is to say, people can control the track and detention time of the material operation ,The materials operation track is nonlinear curves with the velocity and acceleration change,so materials and sieve surface have more opportunities to contact, increase the permeability accordingly.The figure below vividly illustrates how MFS swing screen changes and controls the movement trajectory and retention time of materials on the screen surface and further improves the screening efficiency.

Operating Principle Simulation Diagram

Square swing vibrating screen is also called reciprocating vibrating screen,From the perspective of the motion trajectory of the screen box of Plane rotary screen,the motive power produced by its driving device is the inertia force formed by the direction change of a fixed axis ,Its essence is the reciprocating inertia force formed by the rotation of the eccentric wheel rotating about a fixed shaft. According to the structural characteristics and working principle of the swing screen, the screen surface is generally arranged in a horizontal or slightly inclined way (the inclination Angle is 0°-6°).
Plane rotary vibrating screen working principle : After start, The screen body namely the screen box reciprocates back and forth under the action of inertial force,The screen box drives the screen surface to make periodic shaking,the materials on the screen surface make the directional jumping motion with the screen box, the materials smaller than the aperture of the screen surface fall into the lower layer through the sieve hole.The Materials larger than the aperture of the screen surface are discharged from the discharge outlet after continuous tumbling and jumping movements,finally complete the screening work.
You can see from the structure and working principle of Plane rotary screen,the distance between the eccentric wheel of the transmission mechanism and the motion track of the materials and the retention time of the material on the screen have a crucial influence,also have a crucial effect on the processing capacity and screening efficiency, in view of it, we make a trade-off between production capacity and screening efficiency according to the specific situations and actual needs.



Chemical (fertilizer, resin, melamine, soda ash, etc.); food (starch, salt, sugar, milk powder, etc.); feed; mineral powder; abrasive; metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, magnetic materials.


Technical Parameters