Three-dimensional Motion Mixer

Brief Description
Three Dimensional Mixer Mixing Vessel moves in multi-direction. For the materials, there is no centrifugal function, without the specific gravity segregation and layer separation. 
When the driving shaft rotates, the vessel will be in translational and rotational motions under the action of universal joints. Hence, the materials inside the vessel are in three-dimensional compound motions (in axial, radial and toroidal directions).

Features & Benefits

1.The mixing cylinder can make multi-directional motion

2.Materials are moving without the effect of centrifugal force, meanwhile the gravity segregation, stratification and accumulation phenomenon will not occur

3. The mixed-uniformity can reach 99% or more

4. High working efficiency and short mixing time

Detailed Chart



It is widely used in Chemical,food,pharmaceutical and metallurgy industries

Technical Parameters