Brief Description

The series of MVHS mixing machine is a device that mechanically drives two or more high-quality V-shaped cylindrical cylinders to reciprocate and mix two or more materials by mechanical force and gravity. It consists of a cylinder, a drive shaft, a bracket, and the like. The cylinder is connected with the drive shaft, and the drive shaft drives the cylinder to perform a rotary motion. The material is repeatedly sheared, diffused, and misaligned in the cylinder and eventually achieving uniform mixing.

Feature & Benefits

1.This series of machine cylinder has no dead angle, no material accumulation and short mixing time.

2.The cylinder body is made of stainless steel material, the inner and outer walls are polished, the appearance is beautiful, and it is easy to clean.

3.The feed can be fed manually or vacuumed, and the rotary valve and rotary cap are used for discharging.

4.Equipped with a timer, you can adjust the mixing time at will.

5.low noise, no vibration.       




This series of machine is suitable for the mixing of materials with close proximity between particle size and apparent density. It can be widely used in the mixing of powdery or granular materials in many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics, ceramics, metallurgy, agriculture and feed.


Technical Parameters