Vibrating Motor

Vibration motor is equipped with a set of adjustable eccentric blocks at both ends of the rotor shaft,utilizing the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft and the eccentric block,thus the exciting force is obtained.It offer exciting vibration source for all kinds of vibrating machines such as vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, vibrating conveyor, vibrating flask shaker, vibrating crusher, vibrating molding machine, vibrating sand mixer, vibrating buffing machine, vibrating test-bed, power plant, building materials, grain, coal, mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, casting, railway, port and other industries.

1.Joint utilization of motors can be adopted to the synchronization of complete and different technological requirements.
2.The exciting force direction can be changed according to the installation of vibration motor.
3.Exciting force can be adjusted continuously by changing the angle of the eccentric block
4.Fully enclosed structure,dust-proof and water-proof,it can work under high requirement environment.
5.Large vibration force, light body weight, small volume,low mechanical noise,stable vibrating frequency.
6.Vibration frequency and amplitude can be customized according to different uses.
7.Complete ranges of specification to meet the needs of various types of vibration machinery.

IP Grade
IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) grade system is drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION ).IP grade is composed of two numbers, the first number represents for anti-invasion grade of external objects and dust, the second number shows the sealing degree of anti- invasion of moisture and water, if the number is greater, the degree of protection will be higher.

Selection Conditions

♦What equipment does it work with,vibrating feeder, ♦Insulation grade:_________
vibrating screen,hopper wall vibrator,etc.?________ ♦Explosion-proof is required or not:_________
♦Rotation speed:________rpm (Ps. Yes or No)
♦Exciting force:_________KN ♦Working power supply: __V__HZ
♦Protection level:_________

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